Investors’ wealth surges Rs 27 lakh crore in FY17 as stocks zoom

Investors’ wealth soared Rs 26.79 lakh crore during 2016-17 fiscal helped by robust foreign fund inflow and impressive stock market sentiment where the benchmark¬†Sensex¬†surged nearly 17 per cent.

The Sensex ended 2016-17 fiscal with a gain of 16.88 per cent or 4,278.64 points to 29,620.50, making investors richer by Rs 26.79 lakh crore.

The surge in investors’ wealth was in contrast with fall of nearly Rs 7 lakh crore during the 2015-16 fiscal.

During 2016-17 fiscal, the 30-share index touched a 52-week high of 29,824.62 on March 17 this year and a one-year low of 24,523.20 on April 11.

Led by the strong show in the market, the total market capitalisation of BSE-listed companies rose by Rs 26.79 lakh crore to Rs 1,21,54,525 crore, its all-time high.

Market valuation of BSE firms stood at Rs 94.75 lakh crore in 2015-16 fiscal.

The benchmark index today ended the last day of the current fiscal on a flat note at 29,620.50, down 26.92 points.

A large number of successful IPOs also ensured that the total investor wealth, measured in terms of cumulative valuation of all listed shares, rise.

Overseas investors pumped in over Rs 55,000 crore in equity during the curent fiscal.

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